My Children’s Culture

With this one, I’m going to just jump right in this.

My children will be taught All of their cultural heritage, my oldest Son is Half- Anishinaabe & my youngest Son is Half-Dakota. I’ve attempted to keep their fathers involved (Native Enrolled Members) and they’ve both shown & expressed disinterest in our children.

My sons though, will be kept close to their Dakota and Anishinaabe culture, with or without the their biological fathers support.

My husband is himself a Multicultural Native American man being of both Dakota & Anishinaabe descent and many of my closest friends that I consider family, are Anishinaabe, and more than willing to keep my children close to their Native American culture.

But they are not only half Native American, they’re also half European and they’ll be taught ALL their heritage, shown  their culture, they will not be lied to like textbooks like to do, my children will be well rounded intelligent Half-Native American-Half European children and eventually men. No lies and not favoring one race over the other within themselves.

They’ll be taught every single piece about themselves and with that said, I’m the Proud Mother of Two Multicultural little boys and I will never stop fighting for my boys to be returned since they were wrongfully taken and kept since 02/15.

(I miss you my Little Loves, Mommy will get us our much needed justice ❤️)

DSC00242Photo taken by K.W. @ Onigum 2016 Pow Wow

Author: Kimberly Watso

I'm a Mother fighting for her children that were wrongfully taken, I'm a member of American's for Tribal Equality, Fighting discrimination withing Tribal Courts with the goal to create Equality for Native & Non-Natives within the Tribal Court Systems.

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