My Children Are My Light….And They Took My Light

I’ll start with the typical formal introduction,

Hello, my name is Kimberly Watso, I am the mother to two amazing, phenomenal little boys and if you are looking for a blog that is full of content of me gushing over my children, sadly that is not the blog for you because those two boys were wrongfully taken from me around 3 years ago, on February 24th, 2015 the worst day of my life. Within 24 hours our lives fell apart, we were not only ripped apart and my oldest sent one direction and my youngest… went to the hospital.

As you’re probably aware, I’m no professional journalist but I love to write and I like to think I’m not so bad at it, complete amateur in respects to blogging but I need a voice, or at least think I do. Even if no one hears it, I have to at least try.  For my children, I have to try, our souls are exhausted from these legal games being played upon our hearts, trying to break our spirits but we refuse.

Here we go;

My youngest son had been refered to a specialist due to the size of his head (which as his mother and having a large awkward head myself, I saw no issue) and there really wasn’t, I was advised to not let my son sleep in a car seat so much, it’s an innocent mistake people make because they don’t want to wake their baby… However, there was One thing that caught the specialists attention, the left side of my son’s head in particular, it was “a little bit large” she requested a scan, she was so casual and friendly pre-scan of my youngest childs brain.

Post scan she was not so casual, she immediately refered us to the hospital, to a very specific unit of the hospital. Well, being the mother I am, I exploded with questions and frantic concern, while his father stares at the floor (this I hadn’t noticed, I read it in the specialists report later). We are allowed NO answers, just get told “get your son to this hospital immediately”

I can not put into words the fear, emotion, numbness, pain and confusion that went coursing through my body, mind and soul as  I drive my 7 month old child to the destination we were told to reach.

A piece of paper is shoved in our faces with a clipboard beneath it as we reach the receptionist at the hospital in the “Specific Unit” of the hospital we were asked to bring our son to, a this piece paper we were asked to sign. This piece of paper was to give the hospital consent to examine our son for Physical Abuse…

I don’t know if you know what it feels like to be handed that piece of paper, all while you’re being eyed down as if you’re some kind of monster. I begged them to tell me what was going on, face full of tears, begging with deep desperation in my voice, No One and I mean No One would tell me what was going on, I kept hearing “its standard procedure” No! It’s not, something is very, very Wrong! And they refused to give any answers unless I sign the paper giving them consent to examine him.

Of course I caved, I signed it, something was wrong with my child and I needed answers but the staff of that unit used my emotional state to take advantage of the situation and began to isolate us from my baby, as they hurl presumptuous accusations at us, implying we could be at fault for “whatever” was wrong with our son, because I STILL hadn’t been told.

They began running every test you can think of on my son, x-rays, blood work, checked his reflexes, his eyes, he did not fit the criteria for an abused child. He had no bruises, no broken bones, no fractures, no internal damage, no petechial hemorrhaging in his eyes. He did not fit any criteria for abuse, that really displeased staff sadly because it seemed as if they wanted a typical “yup, there’s evidence, we’re done here” type of scenario with us, but that was not the case, he had an unexplainable injury, No One Had Answers, Not Even The Doctor’s, so whats next?

I feel I should tell our story in increments because it’s so “unique” in the words of the Tribal Judge, as he signed all the paper work to rip myself and my children from one another, while he’s working for the Tribal court being backed by their 2.5 Billion Dollar Casino Empire.

I’ve been in this fight nearly 3 years now and they still don’t get it, I won’t quit fighting for them they were wrongfully taken and I WILL get them back….

http://ATCENOW.orgWe have a non-profit set up now to help our fight, please visit our website or Facebook page same name, please, show your support, Join Us, Join Our Movement.

Author: Kimberly Watso

I'm a Mother fighting for her children that were wrongfully taken, I'm a member of American's for Tribal Equality, Fighting discrimination withing Tribal Courts with the goal to create Equality for Native & Non-Natives within the Tribal Court Systems.

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